Real Estate

Structuring a sound real estate deal, regardless of size, requires adept legal counsel.  A single transaction often involves numerous details and legal complexities.  Meticulously drafted contracts, and sage advice from an experienced real estate attorney, can help a company avoid myriad problems and unnecessary complications.

Mills Firm PLLC represents investors, developers, borrowers, syndicators and lenders throughout the full life cycle of real estate transactions. We have worked with clients on acquisitions, developments, financing and management for virtually every variety of commercial property. This has included office buildings, hotels and resorts, medical official buildings, shopping centers, and other mixed-use developments.

The firm’s work spans the gamut of real estate law, from negotiating, creating and enforcing leasing contracts for both retail and commercial properties to representing lenders in asset-based transactions. Samuel A. Mills has a keen understanding of what option works best in different scenarios.

Clients trust Samuel A. Mills in large measure because of his comprehensive real estate background. Samuel A. Mills takes pride in being not only a real estate lawyer, but also a real estate investor.