Great to Work With

I have known Sam Mills for many years. Sam is an important asset in negotiating and structuring contracts, rethinking corporate entities, and getting deals done. He has kept us out of litigation and helped us close deals. He is detailed, professional, capable, and great to work with. I highly recommend Sam.

– Bill Leahy – CEO, Leahy Company Inc.

A “Go To” Attorney

Sam Mills has been my “go-to” attorney for almost 15 years.  He has served me and my companies with superb skill and dedication, and he is THE lawyer I call upon for advice and counsel in connection with my most important business matters.  He understands keenly entrepreneurs and the challenges they face daily.  In a word, Sam is my Consigliere.

– Larry K. Anders – Chairman and CEO, Summit Alliance Companies

A Highly Competent Professional

Having had experience with Sam for many years, I know him to be a highly competent professional.  His range of experience is invaluable in complex legal matters as well as counseling in business decisions.

– Charles H. Spitzer, CPA – Chief Financial Officer, Summit Alliance Companies

Bright and Talented Attorney

Sam is a very bright and talented attorney with a singular focus on negotiating the best outcome.  He drives the legal and business aspects of the engagement to conclusion, while effectively managing the liability of the client.

– Bill Lester – President, Benefit Harbor LP

A Deal Maker, Not a Deal Breaker

Too often, attorneys create unnecessary roadblocks to deal closings. Sam Mills is deal maker, not a deal breaker. He is articulate, quick-thinking, and creative; he figures out ways to make deals happen and achieve his client’s business objectives while minimizing their exposure to risk. It is most refreshing to work with a problem-solving attorney like Sam who has assisted us time and time again to reach our goals and objectives. Simply put, Sam covers his client’s bases from a risk perspective.

– Jimmy H. Jackson, MAI – President, Jackson Claborn, Inc.

A Highly Qualified Attorney

Sam Mills represented Stonehill-PRM, Realty, LP in its formation and following real estate acquisitions and financings.  He is a very highly qualified attorney whose counsel proved invaluable during our beginning.  Sam continues to provide us legal representation during these difficult times.  I would recommend Sam without reservation.

– James C. Brownlow – President, Stonehill-PRM Realty, LP (5 star review)

Amazing Legal Professional

I have known Sam Mills for a number of years as both an attorney and friend.  From my experience, he is an amazingly bright and gifted legal professional.  He combines the delivery of excellent legal services with top-notch business acumen.  I would recommend him for all business-related legal matters.

– Bill Shaddock – CEO, Capital Title (5 star review)